Smile Fierce Mugs Now Available !


Smile Fierce !!!

Exclusively avaiable at Aspen Candy Company. If you can’t come to Aspen, visit their website and make a request to have your mug filled with your favorite flavor jelly beans ! They also make incredible fudge !

A great reminder to embrace the passionate attitude !

(A pet peave of mine is coffee cups that have a message printed only on one side…¬† this is printed on both sides.¬† Smile Fierce !!!)


About duluthdan

Life is fun. Ski today, work tomorrow... It's about choice. Choose not to be dismal. I am a person with MS, but it does not rule my life, or my attitude. In 1979 I decided to embrace an expression that reminded me that I always have the power to choose my state of mind. "Smile Fierce". Do what you can, don't focus on what you can't.

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