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Life is fun. Ski today, work tomorrow... It's about choice. Choose not to be dismal. I am a person with MS, but it does not rule my life, or my attitude. In 1979 I decided to embrace an expression that reminded me that I always have the power to choose my state of mind. "Smile Fierce". Do what you can, don't focus on what you can't.

Trudge, trudge, trudge…


Slow at getting new mugs – interrupted by life I guess. Lucky I am not trying to build an empire. Just trying to keep moving forward.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARemember, “always forward”.  Here is a picture of the first two editions of the Smile Fierce mug.  They are sold out.  Well that, and given away to promote this idea, gotta get a little ‘buzz’ going.  Now on towards new colors, with both the skier and the biker.  Somewhere my nephew sketched a pretty cool idea for a snowboarder design too.  I’ll have to find it, send it to my digital artist guy in North Dakota, finalize that design, and send it in for copyright.  The biker design took almost a year to get approved, the skier took about 3 months.

Hey, I’m gonna try and insert one of my Youtube videos (the Youtube channel is “theduluthdan”.

Maybe just the link?  Have to work on this technology thing I guess.


Smile Fierce!!!



Crumps ! That’s what my mother says. Aspen Candy Company shuttered their store, and my favorite purveyor of Jelly Beans is, sadly, no more. It was marvelous while it lasted. On a related note, the guitar store where I spent many a noon-hour also closed up shop and moved their retail operation to Nashville. Crumps. But then, it snowed, the mountains were made more beautiful, the Aspen leaves turned shimmering gold, and my folks came to visit. A pleasant Smile Fierce reminder.

The ponder.


Me thinks its time to start searching for a source of hats, or very useful stainless steel travel mugs. If someone gave you a tall stack of hundred dollar bills, would it matter if they weren’t all facing the same direction? Don’t let the details derail your day. Is there a hyphen in that word? I ask again, would it matter if the bills were not all facing the same direction?

Smile Fierce Mugs Now Available !


Smile Fierce !!!

Exclusively avaiable at Aspen Candy Company. If you can’t come to Aspen, visit their website and make a request to have your mug filled with your favorite flavor jelly beans ! They also make incredible fudge !

A great reminder to embrace the passionate attitude !

(A pet peave of mine is coffee cups that have a message printed only on one side…  this is printed on both sides.  Smile Fierce !!!)