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First Thoughts


Throughout life I have learned that a positive attitude can have a powerful influence on my well-being. One of the up-sides to that positive attitude is that it may also radiate to those around you. However, we are all faced with challenges and obstacles in life that do not always lend themselves to contributing to our well-being. Sometimes I call it “Stinkin’ Thinkin’”, sometimes its real. A painful event, a discouraging situation, harsh criticism, whatever it may be. Grit your teeth if you have to, but smile. I call it “Smile Fierce”. Those two words can have a variety of emotional definitions and applications, but discovering that attitude, that precept, that outlook, has resulted in a happier me. I think. Most of the time !
Over time I will attempt to describe some of the different applications and meanings to me of the phrase “Smile Fierce”. Perhaps it will help someone increase their degree of happiness.